Pre-Bridal & Pre-Groom Packages

Getting married? Then you should certainly not be the one taking stress and panicking about your pre-wedding beauty & grooming needs! We’ve got your back covered with Entire Events Pre-Bridal/ Pre-grooming packages that can be completely customized.

Our Pre-wedding packages for Him & Her are designed to meet your needs basis your personality and your requirements. We will make sure to turn every stone to make you look your Beautiful Best and be well pampered before your BIG day! For your wedding is not just a day but the start of a new journey.

  • Pre-Bridal Packages
  • Pre-grooming Packages

The Au'-Natural Bride

The Silver Splendor Bride

The Dazzling Gold Bride

The Exotic Diamond Bride

The Traditional Ayurveda Bride

The Charming Indulgent Bride

The Royal Extravagant Bride

Men’s Regular Grooming Package

Men’s Exclusive Grooming Package