Catering Service

We create delicious memories…!!!

‘Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all’ said Harriet Vorne Horne. Welcome to the most passionate group of cooks & food caterers in Kerala who live by this quote thoroughly. We started out with a vision of re-inventing the world of catering and have now become one of the best caterers in Kerala.. We believe in innovating and presenting the best version of world cuisine and we also believe in preserving the culinary secrets of our own wonderful country. Our menu includes both International dishes as well as traditional Indian dishes. Our commitment to our craft and smooth operations translates into zero glitches and seamless service. Our super delicious food platters can meet the taste & demand of food at your events right from weddings to parties to conventions to retreats. Try us once to realize the difference we make…your taste buds are sure to fall in love with our platters!

  • Sadhya (Kerala Wedding Food Arrangements)
  • Buffet Food Arrangements
  • Customized Food Arrangements